Otis vom Ron Information

Otis is a medium (70 pounds) sable dog, with rich red undercoat and very dark eyes and full dentition / scissors bite. Otis is territorial by nature and is a civil dog. He has very balanced prey/fight drives. He is aloof to strangers but neutral.

Otis has great recovery as demonstrated while working him on our Boer/mixed goat herd when an adult doe with horns blindsided him. She is easily twice his weight, at 150 pounds, and hit Otis square in the front, face and chest, sending him through the air and landing hard on his back. Otis immediately regained his footing and definitively put the goat in her place.

Otis is eager to obey and very biddable. He has strong nerves, as do his sire and dam, environmentally sound, bold. He is territorial by nature (a trait being lost in the breed).

On his sire side I imported his grandsire, Body Jipo-me, as an 8 week old puppy, raised, trained, and titled him. Imported his grandam, Barna, also as I puppy, raised and trained her for a personal protection dog. I imported his dam, Igrochka Jipo-me from Czech republic as a puppy. So Otis represents the 3rd generation from my original imports.

Structurally, Otis is very correct with no extremes. He has very moderate angulation, straight back, stands up on his toes on all four feet. Otis' correct and substantial build gives him an athletic advantage over heavy built dogs. I expect Otis to be prepotent genetically and to pass these hard to find qualities on to his offspring.

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