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Axel is a medium large dog with dark pigment and strong bone. His temperament is very winning with family members, although he is aloof toward strangers. He is social once introduced. Axel's strong points are his devotion and protective instincts. Trained in personal protection, Axel is a civil dog and he fearlessly defends his person. He has the same crushing, full bites as his sire, Body, and possesses the same courage under pressure. Axel's fight drive is with absolute commitment and self confidence, showing the strong nerves inherited from both parents. He is eager to please and work with his handler in any environment or situation. His qualities are passed on to his offspring. Axel was born at Vom Ron. He has been raised, trained, and loved by me his entire life.

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Axel Vom Ron:

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Axel at 5 Months

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